About the DCA

Introduction to the demolition contractors association of scotland

Frontline support and services

Over the past few years we have seen the construction sector evolve at a rate few could have predicted. The majority have endured a particularly challenging trading environment of late with many having to work tirelessly to ensure the survival of their business. .

During this period, the Scottish Building Federation (SBF) relentlessly endeavoured to ensure that our members received the professional support and the necessary advice to guide them through these difficult times

The need for a voice

We now see the need for a specific membership within the umbrella of the SBF to offer demolition contractors the same level of support enjoyed by other construction trades but tailored to the needs of the industry.

The three core principles with which we define the services we deliver to our membership with a view to enhancing their business success and profitability

Aligning with industry

With the launch of the Demolition Contractors Association we intend to bring the same comprehensive business support services enjoyed by our existing associations to the industry membership.

Our existing Board of Directors comprising of member companies would be extended to include a representative from the Demolition Contractors Association to ensure a voice for the industry within the SBF.

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