Membership services from SBF

Services, suppor and commercial advice

The Scottish Building Federation offer a wide range of services and support for all members, examples of some are detailed below

Membership Services
Business support

• Help at any stage: In need of business advice? Whatever the business problem, large or small, SBF’s experienced advisors are available to help you grow your firm, increase profitability, target new markets and much more.
• Dispute resolution: An unhappy client is a difficult client to deal with. SBF’s advisors can help resolve disputes before they escalate and cost you time and money.
• Debt recovery: Unfortunately, there are times when clients fail to pay their bills. SBF can help you arrange debt recovery so you are not left out of pocket.

Commercial advice

• Pre-Qual Qualifications (PQQs): With an annual construction expenditure of £4bn, it is vital that your business can compete when submitting PQQs for public sector work. SBF’s advisors can provide in-depth advice to ensure that your PQQs tick all the right boxes.
• Standard Form of Contract: Ensuring that contractual terms are water-tight is incredibly important. SBF’s legal experts can check contracts you offer or sign to ensure they are fair and will not cause problems down the line.

HR support

• Compliance with new regulations: Employment legislation, including on workers’ compensation, annual leave and discrimination, is constantly being revised and updated. SBF provides easy-to-follow updates for members to ensure you are operating within the law.
• Employment Contracts: Whether you use a collectively bargained or other contract of employment SBF can assist with interpretation or variation.
• Support during industrial disputes or grievance procedures: With expertise in employment legislation, SBF is well placed to offer representation to members during industrial negotiations or grievance procedures brought by employees or former employees.
• Conciliation: When required, SBF can act as an independent arbitrator between multiple parties during disagreements.

Industry-leading training and employment support

• Tradespeople: SBF can organise high-quality trade and technical training for your employees, increasing the skills your company can utilise on-site and making your business more competitive.
• Managers: It is not only apprentices that the construction industry needs; SBF has a number of training opportunities for trades people looking to take on managerial roles.
• Occupational health and safety: Ensuring your workforce is fit and healthy has never been simpler. SBF can offer your company expert training on the importance of proactive management of occupational health, safety and wellbeing.
• Policy development and advocacy: SBF lobbies the Scottish Government to ensure the Scottish construction industry has a ready supply of new highly skilled workers.
• SBATC: SBF is a founder member of the Scottish Building Apprenticeship and Training Council (SBATC), which regulates and monitors the working conditions, wages, recruitment and training of apprentices within the Scottish construction industry.

Health, safety and the environment

• Compliance with new regulations: Keeping abreast of new health and safety and environmental regulations can be tricky. SBF tracks and scrutinises all new construction related legislation and provides easy-to-follow updates for members.
• Greener construction: Professional advice is provided to members on environmental queries, including low carbon building and the reduction, re-use, recovery and recycling of waste generated during the construction process.
• Policy development:. SBF strongly supports the principle that all businesses and all employees have a basic duty of care to safeguard their own and others health and safety. SBF’s Health, Safety and Environmental Committee devises policies to improve health and safety performance and strengthen the regulatory framework.

Affiliated Bodies and Organisations

Scottish Building Apprenticeship & Training Council (SBATC): administer the apprenticeship registration process.
Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS): promoting a fully qualified workforce.
CITB (formerly Construction Skills Council): SBF are one of only three consensus federations in Scotland working with CITB to promote training and education.
Scottish Building Contract Committee (SBCC): SBF in association with the RICS, RIAS and NSCC, assist in the drafting and publishing of forms of building contract for use in Scotland.
Constructing Better Health: CBH is the national scheme for the management and promotion of occupational health in the construction industry. CBH is owned by B&CE, B&CE is a not-for-profit financial services company. The company provides insurance and pension-based products to people working in the UK construction industry. SBF sits on the board of CBH, assisting with the shaping of the support given to our industry.
CJJC: Working with industry to support generic contractual terms and benefits for employees and employers.
B&CE: Working with B&CE to promote pension engagement and other benefits within the industry amongst workers.
Cross Party Group for Construction: informing the Scottish Government and facilitating discussions in all matters relating to the construction industry in Scotland.
Construction Scotland: the leadership organisation for Scotland’s construction industry, working with Scottish Government and federations, trade associations, membership and representative organisations to resolve issues for the whole industry.